Let Jeremiah Morris transform your memories into masterpieces. 

Defragmented Commissions

Your memories mean something. Old photos, bits and pieces of a past you long to hold onto. Let Jeremiah Morris take these fragments of your life and put them together into a beautiful piece that your family can treasure for generations. Jeremiah specializes in taking your old photos as well as things such as pieces of fabric from your grandmothers quilt, a bit of wallpaper from your mothers kitchen, or your fathers business card and he transforms the into a special piece of art made just for you. Not only will it be visually stunning, it will be personally meaningful.

Alternative Process Printing

Jeremiah also specializes in alternative process photography. Let him take your memories and recreate them in cyanotype or tintype. These processes give your moments special meaning, and can also be crafted using various bits of your collected life. Take the junk drawer of your life and put it on the wall!

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